What’s an Artist Day Be Like


As an artist, We are created to create. Doing art makes me breath a different kind of happiness by creating something spontaneous or just to be able to make a scribble and make it into “something”. Creativity runs in the veins , requires a little madness and lot of courage to show everyone the beauty of Imagination.

Now, welcome to my blog! As an aspiring artist I will be showing you a glimpse on what an artist day be like. 🙂


I always get bored, who else?

Lets just admit it guys, we are all human. And even though I am 90% coffee bean the 10% humanity in me could not proceed to go on a 24-42 hour painting rage. Now, now. what do I do when I get bored? Well I take a break from my beloved art table, simply let go of the paintbrushes and paints and stuff and lie down and do a little bit of socializing. And by being social I mean getting on my phone and do a little bit of chat on Facebook and Instagram. Do I go out? uhmm.. well it depends. If I have been on my art for 2 days then no; I have to sleep and I’ll be too icky and too tired to take a bath. Gross, I know but thats what it is. Rest for me means sleeping for 5 hours straight or just sulk around in my home doing nothing or maybe sat on my sofa and binge eat while watching Netflix.


Here’s a sneak peak of my table (cleaned and tidied up after 3 months). But honestly I like going into my room and see a messy chair, bed, table plus dirty clothes from paint. I feel welcomed and invigorated. I don’t know if its just me but I wont leave my bedroom if it is in its messy state because I know I have done something productive and will be doing something productive henceforth. (weird I know)..


Now I have always been fascinated with Penguins as well as Aliens. So why not create a Penguilien? 

Now who am I kidding, I never get enough sleep and will never be as long as I have my pens, pencils,paints and brushes nearby. Even if Im so tired of doing nothing, tired of creating a project after project my version of “unwind” is to get crazy- again with painting. Its like my energy bar, Its what keeps me going. Artgasm as it must be every moment doing art, creating, designing, and injecting coffee into my veins until morning is all worth it.


So what’s an Artist Life like in a day?

Its about liking myself better by not paying attention to anyone. I enjoy being alone because it helps me to think, and discover new things on my own. We are not crazy, we are explorers, we begin to seek within ourselves and that’s what makes us “unique” in a sense that no artist tolerates reality. A line is just a dot who went for a walk (paul klee) and for every tragedy we thank the heavens for it because that’s where our “art begins.

We are risk takers, we don’t follow the rules, we make a lot of mistakes and learn from it, we collaborate, generous, independent, we work hard, and we are not alone.

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