Food is the Answer, Who Cares What The Question is.

We met with some of our College Acquaintances at Cafe de Argos come and read why we had loads of fun!

(photo credit to Cafe de Argos Facebook Page )

Before we came over, we actually did a bit of a research for this Diner in Bacolod City, Philippines . It is rated 4.7 in Facebook Reviews and People are flooding for their drinks and affordable food. C.D.A is an Asian Infusion,Modern Kitchen with a dash of a rustic Design pretty cool for a cafe and bar.


Stacks of Rustic Drawers I feel like i was in a modern Harry Potter World.
(Diagon alley to be Exact)


Now the waiters are very nice, we feel warm and welcomed, as we scanned the place guests are really enjoying what they have on the table.

Tachos is just a pile of mouthwatering Goodness. It is made out of Molo Wrappers , and the Pepperoni Pizza was just as Good! Every Bite was so flavorful we “need” to order another.

As our Group gets larger and our tummy gets bigger (sorry I just had to insert that one :p ) We want to take more cool-er pictures so we ordered their best seller: The famous Blue Lemonade in a Light Bulb Glass. No one wants to try the Cucumber Lemonade I wonder why but it could’ve taste just as heavenly as the one we tried.

As the day grows shorter and our bellies grow wider (man, my jokes are so grade school) We had to call it a day. Our total bill is about 1000+ Php but it was reasonable for a group of 5. It was all worth it as we stuff our payment in a small rusty bucket (not on a waiters wallet/order pad/Server book or whatever it is called) and it was pretty cool so we throw in more coins and small paper bills as a tip.

In the end it was a very fun experience we realized how much we have grown. I remember when all we do in college as a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management is to always make a rush out of everything, meet deadlines, memorize speeches, panic during exams,Endless cooking at the kitchen, endless functions, never ending pile of pans and plates at the dish washing area and of course,talk about shitty girlfriends and annoying boyfriends.
The only break that we can have is during Bar class, where we could unwind while tasting and mixing cocktails. Now, i was surprised that we talked about more mature stuff now like family, jobs, career and life-shitty-moments (as an adult) and believe me it was way worse than college, but through the hell that we have been through we know we can survive a little shock of thunderstorms in life.


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