How my Entire Life Can Be Summed Up in One Sentence:

“Well, that freakin did not go along as planned”

Let me tell you guys about the Unfortunate Event that happened to me last December 6 2016. It was at a newly opened Forever 21 at The Sm City Bacolod. My friend and I discovered that they are giving away Gift cash worth 500 Php for the opening and also Thousand of Pesos for the First one to line up outside of the mall. We went gaga of course since it will be the first Forever 21 ever to open at Bacolod City. For some people it could be just a normal store but as a Filipino and as a person who has never been to a Forever 21 store before.

I am really curious and excited to see what makes Forever 21 to be popular worldwide; because as some of the online statement goes: “It fits all your needs in one store!, It is cheap-fun and stylish, And it is actually Dominating Millennial Fashion.


We rushed in line at 7:00 am

We were so confident while running towards the back of the Mall as if we knew that there will be less people to attend the event but oh boy, are we wrong. Mika and I are greeted by a very long line and we heard that some of them was already there by 4am.

(4 am people!!)


This little ball of sunshine got into a small fight :p

So Imagine how hot it was and some people would just rush in and find their friends and let them cut off in line. Imagine how frustrating that is, so my little ball of sunshine turned into a ball of spitfire and warned any girls that would cut in line in front of us.

I’m so proud of her ^_^


Finally! all that hard earned sweat and spit (from bickering to other girls) was all worth it

We stood our ground and really fought for that 500Php Gift check we were so happy those 3 hours standing outside in 37 degree heat was a piece of cake.


Moments like these was so worth to be documented so, we’re really ecstatic and excited.  Mika and I feel pretty bad-ass.


But its summer in the Philippines

We know its the month of December and man those styles are really cute but then December season or not it can still get pretty Hot all throughout the year. Anyways I love everything there but the worst is about to happen.


I lost my 500 Php Gift check

In a sea of Sardine-like-People, I lost my hard earned Gift check. I know, I know I am the worst shopper in the world. The clumsiest and the most unlucky. I was too excited to uncover rack after rack after rack that I forgot to secure the G.C in my pocket or wallet.
Did you have that moment when you are so lost in your sea of thoughts that you imagine that you have to do this particular thing and you think you already did it but it was all in your mind?
Coz while I’m going through beastmode getting the most cute pieces, I “Imagined” that I have secured my G.C in my wallet. which of course DID NOT HAPPEN because first I don’t have a wallet second I don’t have a pocket. I’m weird I know.


So out of frustration I did not buy anything but stressed eat away my poor aching heart

I was so frustrated that I decided not to buy anything. We had our early lunch at Mesa and we had Chicken Inasal.


I’ve just started but she’s already halfway

Lucky for that person who get to keep what I have lost. (SIGH)
Anyways check out how Mika and I managed to survived this “unfortunate-heartbreaking-event” in my NEXT BLOG ADVENTURE

See ya!

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