We had Coffee at The Paris of Negros!

On my previous Blog I showed you guys of how unlucky I can be in most things- especially shopping.


We got on a Non Air-conditioned Bus and Paid 15 pesos each

I really think I’m going to cry that time but I don’t want Mika to feel bad at my clumsiness. So I had a sudden urge to have coffee away from the city.

The travel going to Silay City is about an hour plus it is mid-day so its really really hot my cardigan is not helping but I’m too stubborn to take it off.

Then we got into J.Pitong Ledesma Street Silay City at Cafe 1925. This small classy Coffee shop is in front of the road and it was magnificent. Inside is air-conditioned and can fit 10-15 people maximum but we want to sit outside the mini balcony so we can admire the historical houses in view.

The multi colored doors is Instagram worthy, too bad we couldn’t get a proper shot because it was 37 degrees outside.


Multicolored doors matches their mosaic table


Tricycle ride Coffee shop hunting

Overall we enjoyed our First coffee shop hunt at The Paris of Negros I mean, what could possibly go wrong with coffee? I had a mini escape about the worst experience at the mall (This is where it all started) and we couldn’t get enough, but we are now starving.

Check out the Second Coffee Shop Hunt on my next blog!

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