I Have Left my Heart in Cebu

” The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take”


We went to Cebu for another medical trip and for the record it is one of my goals in life: to travel and breath the air of new places. From Bacolod City we took the bus for our trip to Cebu City.

(Operator of CERES Liner)
Ceres Road, Brgy. Mansilingan, B.C.
Tel No. (034) 446-0681 to 86/Fax No. (034) 446-0636
North Terminal: (034) 433-4993/South Terminal: (034) 434-2387

Bacolod to Cebu Via Toledo, we chose this schedule:

7:15 a.m. Aircon 2:00 p.m.

It’s a 6-8 hours of travel but it was really fun, we get to know other passengers in the bus, we made new friends and learn about other things as well but honestly I don’t care how long it takes, because I know I’m going somewhere beautiful.

This is our home for two days and two nights The Center for Development and Training (CENDET) along Osmeña Boulevard. Owned and operated by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.  We reserved our room a day before. The room is air-conditioned, has a common toilet and bath, 2 deluxe bed for 1,450 Php/night.

What I love about CENDET is that they have a cafeteria which serves affordable meals for breakfast and lunch, and I can also refill my water bottle at the dispenser for free. It is also conveniently located walking distance to fast food chains. The nearest are Chowking, Jolibee, and McDonald’s. Convenience stores such as 7/11, pharmacy’s and Robinson’s Mall is also not that far.  If were out, we can just leave important documents and wallets and bags at the front desk without additional charge.

CENDET’s gate closes at 10 PM though, and you need to inform the guard on duty if you’re coming in later than 10 so the gate will be opened for you.


We went to Ayala Malls Cebu and it was huge! I was admiring everything in view, too bad we didn’t take many pictures during our visit we are just simply in awe of what Ayala has to offer.

18983399_1284682288311399_492191179_n18944542_1284728661640095_34057191_nI am sadly deceived by Butterbean‘s desert. It was partly my fault for not reading the label tho and I can’t understand Bisaya. I really thought it was a cookie dough,but boy am I wrong. It’s just a simple Banana Cupcake with chocolate droppings, anyway I enjoyed it and It was really delicious but It did not satisfied my craving for some chocolatey goodness.


Dinner at No.9 Restaurant – Calamares (fried squid, aioli, pickled charred espada) on the table for 320Php

Completely under dressed we went to this fine dining restaurant in Benedicto Street Its called No.9 Restaurant who serves Spanish,Mediterranean, and Latin-inspired cuisine. We have no idea about good restaurants in Cebu and this is one of the top five best dining place that came up during or web search.

For a group which is obviously, a majority of men the food is great, but we did not actually get to enjoy it. These guys are looking for a “full-blown-belly” too bad there is no “unli rice” in this place.


We have this awkward smile on us because we are not used to servers staring at us while we eat. Ha!


While waiting for our order I get to stare at this beautiful glass which is actually-water! How cool is that?


ChuletonUSDA Prime Boneless Rib Eye, garlic confit, pickled charred espada, potatoes 450 / 100g

We also had OX TONGUEpickled mustard seeds, onion, sourdough 250Php.


It features a newly renovated interior that coexists with the original exterior façade of the 50 year old house. A new lighting system illuminates the main dining hall while guests have a floor-to-ceiling view of the old garden and trees.


Next stop is in Kpub BBQ still in Ayala Malls. I love the food the side dishes and the Korean spicy sauce. I love the vibe and the place is great! We only ordered small portions and didn’t go for the meat all you can because we already had dinner but while we are having our draft beer we weren’t bored at all.


Servings of Korean side Dishes while jamming with  the band. Everyone is having so much fun.

It could have been more enjoyable if we spend our money here for dinner first but nevertheless it is an experience worth coming back for. They may even be one of the most accommodating restaurants in Cebu. Definitely exceeded my expectations.




Draft beer is almost gone so I had to try their Margarita and It was the best.

It was almost 10pm so we had to grab a ride going back to Cendet. While in cebu we did not even attempt to commute in fear of getting lost in the city.

At the end of the day I realized that we have nothing to lose in a world to see. I just wanted to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life and if it wasn’t for the medical trip we would definitely come  back to explore more of Cebu’s beaches and amazing travel sites. I’ll invest on a good camera next time.

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