Food, Friends, Sunshine at Cafe Mina

One of our weekend wishes came true, a good coffee, long walks, nerdy nonsense talk with my bestfriend, FABULOUS FOOD, cozy comfort, calm spirit and a light heart


Coffee with friends beats the chilly weather at CAFE MINA

Some of the Facebook reviews says that the prices are somewhat steep for average food but since the Cafe’s location is near at my best friend’s place we gave it a visit.


The prices are indeed a bit shocking so we asked for their recommendations. We were advised to try their bestselling dish the Chicken Schnitz Parmigiana.

Next, my friend opt for a salad

What we loved the most is their hot matcha latte.
We sip up and zen out while we hang outside playing mobile legends with the gang..

Next on the list is Cafe Mina’s club sandwich. These are made with freshly baked bread from their open kitchen


There are actually loads of tasty food from their menu that is worth to try. But we were running out of time and were running out of $.

They have freshly baked cookies, cold bottle of beer, 17 kinds variety of teas to try and they came in cute tin cans.

For desert its best to try their New York Cheese Cake and their Healthy Chocolate cream puffs.

And though the food is a bit pricey it is best to count the memories together with friends in the end all you need is Love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. 🙂


Check out their official page on Facebook: Cafe Mina Bacolod


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